Consulting and Litigation in Labour Law


The De Lucia Law Firm is a Labour Law Firm which offers its services to individual workers as well as to Italian and foreign companies, especially in the field of work relationship management consultation, but also in the field of labour dispute cases. The main areas of interest are:

Labour Law

Labour Law (Autonomous, Subjected, limited, with particular reference to agency relationship).

Trade Union Law

Trade Union Law (corporate conflict management, mandatory procedures of trade union information and consultation, right to strike, mass redundancies and job mobility).

Welfare System Law

Welfare System Law (Health Protection on the Work place; accidents on the work place, occupational diseases.

Common Law and Civil Law

Civil Law The De Lucia Law Firm also covers all kinds of financial disputes. In particular, the Law Firm offers consulting and dispute management related to persons, families, properties and possessions, typical and atypical labour contracts, civil liability, debts recovery, also with reference to the international Private Law.

Our Team

The De Lucia Law Firm provides stable collaboration of highly specialized lawyers and doctors of law.
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